About Amanda

My goal in becoming a pet sitter was to be what I always wanted to have: a reliable person who, in my absence, cared for my animals the way I would.

I have always loved animals. My brother and I started “The Cat Helping Society” when we were respectively six and nine years old, collecting funds from local businesses to feed homeless cats in our neighborhood. It has only grown since then!

Prospective clients should know that, in choosing me as a pet sitter, they have someone who cares for their cat or dog not just on a practical level, but on emotional one as well. Once I have tended to the physical needs of food, water, walking or litter scooping, I will do my utmost to make your pet feel loved, which is really what they miss most when you’re gone.

I have had a great deal of personal experience with my pet family, and have seen a great many of them through illnesses as well as long life. (My current oldest is 20!) This has familiarized me with administering medication, subcutaneous fluids, insulin, etc. I know that it is a comfort to clients knowing that their pets will not miss necessary meds when they are away.

Finally, I have watched dogs who have been adopted from abusive backgrounds become secure in my presence and wag their tails in appreciation when I arrive. I have seen cats that have never come out from under the bed sit in my lap and purr. And this is why I love what I do. Hopefully, you will love what I do, too.

Very happy to meet you and your furry loved ones,

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