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About Amanda

I love your pet
as much as you do!

My goal in becoming a pet sitter was to be what I always wanted to have: a reliable person who, in my absence, cared for my animals the way I would.

I have always loved animals. My brother and I started "The Cat Helping Society" when we were respectively six and nine years old, collecting funds from local businesses to feed homeless cats in our neighborhood. It has only grown since then!

Services We Provide

We take care of both cats and dogs!



  • $25 per visit for up to two dogs per visit/30 minute walk
  • $45 for twice daily walks


  • $25 per visit for up to 2 cats
  • Add $3 for each additional cat

Medical Care

  • Vet/Groomer Visit: $30/hr
  • Oral and Topical meds/Insulin Injections/ Subcutaneous fluids $5 extra per visit


Happy Faces

Meet some of our best friends!

Happy Owners

Read what people are saying!

My children love their Auntie Amanda! I have a wonderful rambunctious bunch, 5 rescue pups and 3 rescued cats. My Riley and Junior are not fond of strangers: No problem from the minute Auntie Amanda walked in the door for the first time! Amanda calls when she says she'll call and is always here on time! If it's been wet outside all 20 paws have been wiped and the floors are clean. Her love of animals and experience with her own make us confident that if any problem should arise she would handle it perfectly. We love our Auntie Amanda!

David Traub, Woodland Hills
(Riley, Junior, Jessie, Luke, Buddy, Daniel, Oliver, Miss Cat.)

To anyone lucky enough to get Amanda as a pet sitter: Do anything you can to get her to walk, feed, play with, spend time with, or any other way shape or form to be with your animal. She is trustworthy, pet savvy and ultra-responsible. She has fed my cats on numerous occasions when I am out of town, and although they are skittish with most people, they love her and let her pick them up. An animal knows whom to trust.

Elizabeth Burr
Valley Glen

I would highly recommend Amanda as your pet sitter. Where do I begin, she is incredibly reliable and loves pets! She took very good care of my Jack Russell, Lucy, who had cancer when Amanda started to sit for us. She offered extra time, if need be, to come look after Lucy while we were at work. After Lucy passed in September, we rescued Gracie in December and Amanda has been there (during a not easy transition I might add) to help acclimate Gracie to her new home. You won’t find a more conscientious pet sitter!

Donna Pade
Sherman Oaks

I have had to make several trips to England to visit my husband’s family, and I was quite nervous about leaving my three cats in someone’s care for over two weeks! I have one skittish mom and her two grown boys, one of whom had diabetes and needed daily insulin shots. I found Amanda, and she completely put my mind at ease! They were loved, feed, medicated and had clean litter boxes. They hardly knew I was gone. I cannot give a higher recommendation than that.

Allison Capillaire
Valley Village

We love Amanda! She really cares for animals and it shows very clearly in her work. Amanda is very accommodating, competent, and trustworthy. We always come back home to healthy and happy dogs after they have been in her care. We completely trust her with our dogs, which is the utmost compliment we could possibly give to anyone. We highly recommended her!

Sharon and Adam Reynolds
Sherman Oaks

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